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You can either click on the "contact me" tab or fill out the booking form located under the "I'm ready to book" tab for pastel and graphite portraits. Let me know if you are inquiring about something specific or if you already have a vision for how you want your much-loved pet to be captured! For digital portraits, you can book your artwork directly by clicking the "Digital Pet Portraits" tab.


After filling out the booking form and discussing what type of commission artwork you are interested in, I will determine a start date for your pastel or graphite creation based on my availability. Please note that due to the nature of realistic hand-drawn portraits, I may be fully booked for weeks - months in advance. I will also inform you on the total payment for your portrait at this time (some prices are not listed - i.e., if you want more than one subject in the portrait or have special requests - so don't hesitate to reach out to discuss further!) If you are satisfied with the booked start date, I will then send you a Terms and Conditions form that you must read and sign. I will also send an invoice for a 30% non-refundable deposit at that time. I must receive your confirmed form as well as the deposit in order to secure and complete your booking.

For digital portraits, orders are processed within 3-5 business days after payment is made in full. Once your order has been processed, I will then send you a Terms and Conditions form that you must read and sign. All digital portraits will be completed and files will be sent (following your approval of the finished product) within 7 business days.

Reference Photo

Once I have received your signed Terms and Conditions form along with your deposit and/or full payment, I will ask you to send photos of your pet. You can send as many photos as you wish and include anything about their personalities that you'd like to be captured in the portrait. I typically use only one photo when creating a portrait, so be sure to let me know which one you'd like me to work from! For portraits of multiple pets, separate reference photos can be sent if you don't have a photo of them together. Please check out the "Reference Photo Guide" tab for more detailed instructions regarding your reference photo!


For pastel portraits, different colored paper is available for you to choose from. Graphite portraits will be completed on an off-white archival grade paper. I will send you some drafts using the photos you provide of your pet(s) to ensure you're completely satisfied with the composition before I begin! Once you are happy with the draft, I will notify you via email when I start your portrait. You will receive at least 3 photo updates and one short video during the creation process. You can also follow along on my social media pages to see the progress! If you don't wan't any photo/video updates of your portrait to be posted, please let me know during the booking process. I welcome any feedback during this stage.

For digital portraits, a draft will only be sent if you send in separate photos of your pets and you purchased a portrait containing multiple pets. Once you are happy with the draft, the portrait will be completed within 7 business days.


Once your commission piece is completed, I will send you a watermarked photo of it. You may request any changes, if necessary. Only once you are completely satisfied with the final portrait, an invoice will be sent to pay the remaining balance (pastel/graphite portraits) or PDF/JPG instant downloadable files will be sent (digital portraits).


Following payment completion, pastel and graphite portraits will be shipped within 2 business days. Prior to shipment, I make every effort to ensure commissions are packaged safely. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. For more information on shipping, click on the "shipping policy" tab.

*Please remember you will not receive a physical product if you ordered the digital portrait! You will be sent files for download, so be sure to check your email.